Retreat guidelines

Retreat Guidelines

Which kind of retreat will you host?

What is an assessment retreat?

An assessment retreat is an opportunity for your department, concentration, or program to seek college funding to support gathering stakeholders together to a) discuss gathering evidence for decision-making in your area and b) prepare for annual assessment reporting on student achievement of learning outcomes.

What can I do at a retreat?

Retreats may have one of several foci including a) updating area learning outcomes, b) improving assessment approaches, c) assessing area goals, and d) assessing learning outcome achievement.

Why should I host a retreat?

Each year, your area(s) are expected to report on how well students are achieving one or more of your area’s learning outcomes. These reports, in turn, help prepare your area for the 10-year external reviews. These retreats give your area an opportunity to reflect on what is and is not working so that you can adjust accordingly and request assistance as needed.

How do I apply for a retreat?

Complete the online form to indicate what you will accomplish at the retreat and how you intend to conduct the retreat.

How much money can we receive?

The Dean’s office will reimburse your retreat expenses up to X dollars after you submit your retreat report.

What is required of us?

Apply for a retreat and propose your plan. You can choose one of four retreat topics. If accepted, you would host the retreat as proposed. To receive your funding, submit your retreat report.

What should we include in our Retreat Report?

Include information here. Redirect to the Retreat Report Template

Any other questions that people might have about retreats

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