Assessment at Grinnell

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Grinnell College is utilizing an annual assessment documentation process a) to help you to achieve your goals, b) to share the great work you’ve done, c) to seek assistance, d) to monitor our progress with assessment projects, e) to support an assessment-focused community among campus stakeholders, and f) to enhance teaching and learning at Grinnell College. This resource helps Grinnell College employees to conduct assessment projects and share their findings.

Documenting our assessment work

Please help us in our efforts to document assessment at Grinnell by sharing your observations of student learning in your course(s) using this form prepared in coordination with the Assessment Committee.  We are asking faculty to submit the form for at least one class before the end of the academic year. If you have already submitted or spoken to the Associate Dean about your departmental report for this academic year, then you don’t also need to submit individual reports from your department.

We are especially interested in examples where student work was evaluated by faculty members (as opposed to surveys of students’ satisfaction or their perceived learning within the course). This evaluation can happen within the context of a course — it doesn’t have to be a big project that your whole department undertakes.

Thank you for your help in this effort.


  • Personalized assistance: Vanessa Preast ( or Cynthia Hansen ( are happy to help you achieve your assessment goals by working within your unique contextual constraints.
  • Self-help: The guides in the “Resources” section of this site provide information which might help you make the best assessment choices for your area.
  • Examples: Several areas on campus were willing to share their documentation with you to use as inspiration for your own assessment. This content is collected in the “shared examples” folder.